Nica style?

I started this post about fifteen times. How does one start a project/site/blog? I couldn’t find my voice so I tried to force some different ideas and it just came out wrong. Over and over again it came out wrong. Then I had a moment of brilliance. Why not just write it as myself? Genius, I tell you.

What is Nica style? I was on a much-needed break from reality in Nicaragua and heard it all over the place. Running late? Nica style. Trash out the window? (Awful, I know) Nica style. Hitch-hike with a surfboard/to school/family in tow/you name it we saw it? Nica style. It’s kind of like the response to every question in Costa Rica is, Pura vida.

I loved it. I loved my time there. For a million reasons. The people I met reinforced the idea that there are alternate styles of life if only you are open to it. There was a couple from Germany/Netherlands who were later in life circus performers on vacation from their traveling show. There was Chilean photographer who gave up the “good life” in Santiago to run a bar on a cliff overlooking a popular wave. He was on a work assignment in Nicaragua and when it came time to go home he didn’t get on the plane back to Chile. Boom. Change of direction. In a time in my life where I have been feeling trapped at worst and confused at best, I felt free and sure of myself. I wanted to capture that.

Which of course is the ultimate silliness there is. Capture a feeling? That’s like trying to keep the wind in a box. Haven’t I been paying any attention to all the hippy dippy meditation feels that I so like to think I’m in tune with? Evidently not.

But I did come home with an idea whole in my mind from that trip. Ideas of art and sustainability and feelings that I could all tie back to this trip and this feeling and this turn of phrase. Nica style.

I love it. In lieu of capturing that, I want to remember that it was me who felt that way and know that I can feel that way again. Life is a series of ups and downs. Ins and outs. I felt courageous and ready to take on the world then. I’m in a cycle right now- one that I can only get through by getting through- but I hope to learn from this time the way I learned from that time. And I hope to build on the feelings that I had then.

This post, this imperfect start to a project/site/blog is as honest as I can be and as far as I can tell, that’s a pretty good place from which to step off.